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Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube

You Get:

A photorealistic twin of your asset

The world is evolving, and new technologies enable us to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs. Management, marketing, and operations must evolve; the creation of a photorealistic twin is the first step in a world of endless possibilities.



Can Export:

A screen-shots bundle

There are numerous occasions that we will need a good photo of our asset either because we are proud of it or for operational and troubleshooting reasons. A photorealistic twin gives us the ability to capture high resolution screenshots of every single place of our model.

Measuring tool_edited.jpg

You Can Add:

Informative material to your model

Working in a dynamic constantly changing environment there are times that we need information, and we need them fast having a photorealistic twin of our assets with a 98% accurate measuring tool, we can measure anything and make decisions from the comfort of our office and without physically visiting.

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